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polycarbonate sheets for Greenhouse

1. Advantage: 
1) Makrolon PC resin from Bayer in Germany. 
2) Omipa UV-PC co extrusion lines . 
3) ISO 9001: 2008 & ISO 14000 proved. 
4) UV co-extrusion for long life-span. 
5) Light transmission rate up from 25%-92%. 
6) Customized colors and dimensions available upon request.





Product Description



2. Specification: 
1) Item Name: Polycarbonate Sheets
2) Thickness: from 4mm to 20mm 
3) Size: Max width: 2.1m, no limit on length 
4) Color: Clear, Bronze, Blue, Lake-blue, Green, Grass-Green, White, Grey, Silver, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Black, etc. 

3. Features: 
1) High transparency 
2) UV-Protection 
3) Light Weight 
4) Impact Strength 
5) Inhibiting Condensation 
6) Thermal Insulation 
7) Sound Insulation 
8) Flame Resistance 
9) Easy Installation 
10) Environmental Friendly 

4. Applications: 
1) 1.Sky light system. 
2) Roof light for office building, department stores, hotels, villas, stadiums, schools, amusement centers, hospitals etc. 
3) Sound absorption wall for freeways, high-speed railway and MRTS. 
4) Indoors swimming pools, sun bath pools, greenhouse roofs and sidings. 
5) Subway exits, parking lots, garage tents, bus-stops, terminals, shopping arcades, large stadium and rain tents, pagodas, hallway tents. 
6) Robbery counters in banks, jewelry counters and police Anti-riot shields, Safety roof light for airports and plants. 
7) Safety roof light for airports and plants. 
8) Sign boards for advertisement, Sky-lighting cover. 

9) Housing glasses, indoor partitions, sidewalk, sight window, sunshade, terraces and shower doors      

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